Press Release

Senator Caroline Menjivar Speaks in Support of Saticoy Elementary’s Pride Assembly

The June 2 assembly will focus on educating students on inclusion and the diversity of families within their school community

North Hollywood, CA – When Saticoy Elementary School announced plans for a Pride themed assembly on June 2, a group of parents rushed to spew bigoted misinformation about the event and about LGBTQ+ folks out into the community. This quickly led to an act of vandalism and a hate crime on the campus when a Pride flag was burned outside of a classroom.

The intent of the assembly has always been to teach inclusion, kindness, and awareness of the diverse families within their own school community.

Senator Caroline Menjivar (D- San Fernando Valley) released the following statement:

“I wholeheartedly support the upcoming Pride assembly at Saticoy Elementary. As a lesbian and proud member of the LGBTQ+ community, as well as a strong advocate for inclusivity, I believe it is crucial to foster an environment where all students feel accepted and celebrated.

I commend Saticoy Elementary for taking the initiative to organize a Pride event. Inclusive programming like this is vital in promoting a positive and respectful school culture, one that embraces differences and encourages students to appreciate the identities of each other and their families. By recognizing and celebrating LGBTQ+ identities, the school is setting a shining example of acceptance and understanding for all its students, staff, and parents.

Furthermore, any acts of hate are unacceptable, and I condemn the Pride flag burning that took place on school grounds. Children and their parents should feel safe to be their authentic selves without fear of discrimination.

Cultivating a safe environment is not only crucial for children, but also for the well-being of staff, especially LGBTQ+ staff members. It is essential that schools nurture an atmosphere where all staff can thrive professionally and personally, contributing their unique perspectives and experiences to the betterment of the school community.

Together we can overcome hate and create a better future for our youth. I look forward to witnessing the success of the Pride assembly at Saticoy Elementary and celebrating the diversity that makes our community so strong.”

An anti-LGBTQ+ parent group is organizing a protest to harass their children’s classmates as they enter the school on the morning of the June 2 assembly. Senator Menjivar will be supporting school staff to safely escort students past potentially violent aggressors. The person who committed the hate crime on campus could be among the group, as they have yet to be identified. 

Along with Senator Menjivar, local LGBTQ+ organizations, parents and community members will be outside the school on June 2, exemplifying love and inclusion, to counter the protestors. All folks, who want to show the students and families what community truly means, are invited to stand with us in supporting a safe campus for Saticoy Elementary, free from hate and violence.