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September 27, 2021

SB 727 Empowers Authorities To More Easily Cite Bad Actors in Construction Industry

September 27, 2021

SB 278 Protects Firefighters, Police Officers, and Other Public Servants from Unfair Benefit Cuts

September 2, 2021

Young Women Pay Fees, Do Not Visit Sacramento and Have Limited Program Opportunities Compared to Young Men

September 2, 2021

SB 372 Will Help Fleets in California to Transition Medium and Heavy-Duty Trucks to Zero Emission Alternatives

September 2, 2021

SB 215 Now Heads to Governor’s Desk for Consideration

August 30, 2021

SB 331 Helps End Hostile Work Environments By Empowering Workers

August 26, 2021

SB 331 Empowers Survivors to Speak Openly About Workplace Harassment or Discrimination

July 13, 2021

SB 363 Solidifies California’s Commitment to Ending Gender-Based Discrimination

July 6, 2021

SB 523 Prioritizes Contraceptive Equity and Reproductive Freedom for Californians