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April 6, 2022

SB 976 Supported By Children, Parent, Education and Community Organizations

April 5, 2022

SB 1149 is Jointly Sponsored by Consumer Reports and Public Justice

March 24, 2022

SB 869 Helps to Protect Health and Safety of Mobilehome Park Residents

February 16, 2022

SB 1149 Will Protect Californians From Life-Threatening Dangers Hidden By Secret Settlements and Other Legal Maneuvers

February 10, 2022

SB 976 Will Offer Much-Needed Flexibility for Families to Access Transitional Kindergarten for their Children

January 31, 2022

SB 53 Would Empower Survivors of ‘Cyber Flashing’

January 24, 2022

SB 869 Will Improve Health and Safety of Park Residents and Communities