Senator Leyva Responds to Governor Newsom’s May Budget Revision

Friday, May 14, 2021

SACRAMENTO – Senator Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino) today issued the following statement in response to Governor Gavin Newsom’s May Revision of the 2021-22 state budget:

“As I noted in January when Governor Newsom initially released his budget proposal, I appreciate that the proposed budget is set to continue helping struggling families, small businesses and communities.  As many more Californians are vaccinated every single day, I know that we will continue working hard to accelerate job creation, assist small businesses and help Californians facing financial difficulties recover from the COVID-19 crisis.”

“I appreciate the Governor’s focus on helping California families following the devastating economic downturn that has disproportionately hurt women, people of color and other affected groups. By providing direct stimulus payments to the majority of Californians—including low-income and middle class people—we will put money in the pocket of individuals trying hard to make ends meet and improve their family’s economic wellbeing.”

“I truly believe that funding 100,000 more child care slots in the budget—an important issue which I have fought for and spoken loudly about for several years now, including during my tenure as Chair of the Legislative Women’s Caucus—will have a real and lasting benefit for California women, children and families.  While adding these 100,000 slots is certainly a great step forward, the Women’s Caucus would like to see 200,000 slots so we can get even more working moms back to work.  It is critical that we continue to invest in child care providers since, without quality and affordable child care, there will be no durable recovery as parents will not be able to work.  Moreover, in order to expand the number of child care providers and—in turn—children being served, my SB 246 would implement a single regionalized rate for all providers so we increase provider rates equitably regardless of location or type of provider.  It is time we pay child care providers a fair wage for the very important work they do.”

“As the chair of the Senate Education Committee, I am excited to see this critical investment in our students, schools and other related priorities.  From expanding afterschool and summer programs—which I have long advocated—to providing funding for schools to hire more teachers, support staff and nurses, this May Revision strives to meet the evolving needs of our school communities over the coming years, especially as we begin to emerge from this pandemic. Moving forward, it is vital that we focus on equity so that we ensure access to a quality education for all, particularly as we begin to assess the clear learning loss and expanded opportunity gaps that happened over the past year.  This budget will be a tremendous opportunity that we should seize and build upon for our students and schools.”

“Over the coming weeks, I will continue working with my legislative colleagues and the Administration to again pass an on-time balanced budget that helps residents and communities across the 20th State Senate District and California.”