Senator Leyva Honors Kim Rocha as 2019 “Woman of the Year”

Monday, March 4, 2019

SACRAMENTO – In appreciation for her committed local activism and continued advocacy for the community of Bloomington and surrounding areas, Senator Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino) today recognized Bloomington resident Kim Rocha as 2019 “Woman of the Year” for the 20th State Senate District.

As the co-founder of “Concerned Neighbors of Bloomington,” a community based organization promoting leadership development and community participation in local social justice issues, Kim Rocha is a tireless advocate and champion for the voiceless, promoting a more sustainable quality of life, responsible land use decisions, improved public health, and environmental justice.

Kim Rocha became a strong advocate for environmental and social justice issues when her local community became a target of the expansive logistics industry and pollution generating facilities began to encroach upon her residential area.  She has worked to address environmental hazards, diesel emission exposure, and elevated levels of pollution as a direct cause of chronic illness.  She confronts these issues with a strategic hands-on approach, always inclusive of community residents’ best interests.  What began as a small local fight to protect her residential area from poor land use decisions turned into an enduring commitment to promoting environmental justice. She has walked and lobbied within the halls of the California State Capitol, advocating for more transparency and urging elected officials to invest in the most disenfranchised residents and communities in California.

“As the Chair of the Legislative Women’s Caucus and the Senator representing the 20th State Senate District, it is my honor to recognize Kim Rocha as the 2019 ‘Woman of the Year’ for her ongoing commitment to fighting for her community and making sure that local residents and neighborhoods are protected from harm,” Senator Leyva said.  “As we begin Women’s History Month, it is truly fitting that I have the opportunity to publicly highlight Kim’s inspiring work in the community and the amazing determination she brings to fight for environmental and social justice.”

Senator Leyva recognized Kim Rocha as “Woman of the Year” at a ceremony sponsored by the California Legislative Women’s Caucus on the floor of the California State Senate.