Governor Brown Signs 2016 Domestic Worker Bill of Rights

SB 1015 Eliminates Original January 1, 2017 Sunset of Existing Law

Monday, September 12, 2016

SACRAMENTO – Governor Jerry Brown today signed important legislation authored by Senator Connie M. Leyva (D-Chino) that permanently preserves overtime protections for California’s privately hired domestic workers in California.

Sponsored by the California Domestic Workers Coalition, SB 1015 will continue the success from AB 241 (2013) by removing the 2017 sunset date and making the law’s provisions permanent.  In 2013, the California Domestic Workers Coalition sponsored AB 241 to provide much needed and deserved labor protections. The legislation had a narrow focus granting rights to daily and weekly overtime for domestic workers.  

Taking effect on January 1, 2017, SB 1015 validates the important work of the over 300,000 domestic workers that serve as housekeepers, nannies, and caregivers in private homes in California.  Domestic workers are primarily immigrant women who work in private households in order to provide for their own families as the main income earner.  Today’s signing of SB 1015 will continue to allow countless Californians to maintain their own jobs while domestic workers help them to address their family and household needs, ultimately helping to strengthen the economic potential and wellbeing of families and communities in California.  Unfortunately, despite the importance of their work, domestic workers have historically received wages well below the poverty level.

“I thank Governor Brown for signing SB 1015, since this critically important legislation will allow domestic workers to continue receiving overtime now and into the future,” Senator Leyva said.  “By eliminating the original sunset date on AB 241, SB 1015 will make sure that domestic workers in California continue to receive a fair wage with overtime for their daily hard work.  This year, I have been so honored to meet and work alongside hundreds of domestic workers that help so many individuals, families and communities, as well as the many committed advocates and supporters that have been fighting tirelessly for years to ensure that domestic workers receive the dignity that they rightfully deserve.”

This vital legislation will permanently codify overtime protections into state law and an improved quality of life for hundreds of thousands of domestic workers in California.

"When AB 241 passed in 2013, my life and the lives of many other workers were transformed. Our work was recognized with overtime protections that led to more dignified schedules and compensation. It gave clear guidance to employers, fair pay for our work and more time to be with our families and live our lives. Governor Brown's signature ensuring permanent overtime protection through SB 1015 reinforces that domestic work is legitimate work and that our dignity and the dignity of our families and the people who employ us is not provisional," said Ines Lazarte, caregiver and housecleaner member of La Colectiva in San Francisco.

SB 1015 was supported by legislators on both sides of the aisle, as well as a coalition of over 100 community, labor, education and legal rights organizations